New Title

Last year when the blog began I ran a weekly “blog series” titled Friday Night Lights, usually wrote after the game and appeared on Monday-ish.  This year I think I am going to change it a bit and I need a new title.  Reason for the change is both a possible trademark issue with the name and since our games are Thursday, Friday and Monday’s I wanted to encompass all of them.

This “series” will be more than concussions; it will continue to be about athletic training and high school sports.  I have been warned not to identify the school I am working at, although some may already know, not because they don’t want it rather to avoid any identification of athlete injuries, you know that HIPAA thing.

I am asking for your input via the poll below, also I will publish any other experiences that are submitted each week (by Monday), in said “series”.  It would be good to hear from all over the place and it can be a one time thing.  So take a second and vote on the best title or suggest another in the comment section.

Thanks in advance,


One thought on “New Title

  1. Michael Hopper August 22, 2011 / 15:25

    Dustin, I’m getting ready to launch a new athletic training series on my blog as well. I’ve decided to go with “Going to Rehab” for my title. Launching mine on Thursdays starting this week..

    Look forward to reading what you’ve got coming!

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