MLB Concussion Update #7

Nothing is more scary than a baseball coming back where it came from, really fast.  Some of the time the pitcher gets leather or a hand on it, others the ball makes contact with the head, previously we discussed it with Juan Niciaso.  This time Al Alburquerque a relief pitcher of the Detroit Tigers was stuck in the head but not on the mound, rather during batting practice;

Alburquerque was writhing on the ground in pain after a line drive off an Oriole player’s bat smacked him just above his left ear — but the fact that he was conscious was a good sign that the rookie reliever would be OK.

The Tigers are optimistic that Alburquerque, who was placed on baseball’s new seven-day concussion disabled list Friday, will fully recover after being hit during batting practice.

He was released from the hospital Saturday afternoon and headed back to his hotel room to rest. He is on antiseizure medication to fight slight internal bleeding.

Albuquerque has become the ninth player to be diagnosed with a concussion in the MLB (although there have been some others that should have been, in my opinion);

  1. Erick Almonte
  2. Chris Dickerson
  3. Brian Roberts
  4. Denard Span
  5. Ronny Cedeno
  6. Craig Gentry
  7. Matt Treanor
  8. David Freese
  9. Al Albuquerque

10-13 are; Marlon Byrd, Jose Bautistia, Orlando Hudson and Juan Niciaso.

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