Louisiana Adopts Law

The state of Louisiana becomes the 31st to enact a law designed to protect athletes from concussions.  There are actually two separate bills signed recently, one deals with concussions the other the scope of who is “in charge” with the injury;

Under Roy’s bill, that provider can be anyone from a licensed doctor to an “official responsible for judging or supervising the athletic competition.” Under Cheek’s bill the provider must be a physician, a nurse practitioner, a licensed physician assistant who has been trained in neuropsychology or “concussion evaluation and management.”

Cheek’s law applies to all organized sports — whether in school or an independent league — from age 7 and up, but not professional sports.

The law will require parents, athletes and sports officials to become educated about concussions.

Good to see another section of the United States getting the word out, but I take umbrage with the fact that the licensed athletic trainer is not included on the list of healthcare providers, specifically.

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