Austin Collie 4.0? UPDATE


The Indianapolis Colts wide receiver has been through a lot the past year while dealing with concussions.  In fact last season I went on record to clear up the actual number of concussions he sustained last year.  Collie had three concussions last season and now in an effort to minimize his risks this year he sought out Bill Simpson;

And he reportedly has been working with auto racing safety expert Bill Simpson to design a new football helmet. Collie could not confirm those reports Thursday.

“That is for him to comment on,” he said. “No comment.”

The helmet Collie has been wearing at Anderson University appears to have more padding in the back, and its shape seems slightly different than a regulation helmet.

Last weekend when Will Carroll and I met up in Effingham, Illinois we were wondering about just this, however we had not heard anything, which is odd for the both of us.  Today I finally got eyes on, via @IndyStarSports via AP, the helmet (as seen above) REMOVED.  The first thing I noticed, rather did not notice was the missing “Riddell” sticker just above the face mask in the middle (between the screws).  The only other striking detail from the above picture was the odd/different shape of the top/crown of the helmet.  It seems to me that the helmet is both taller and more bulbous.

During more research further pictures were sent to us to look/analyze;

Looking at the pictures in a clockwise fashion you will notice that A: does not have the distinguishable “third” strap of Xenith, B: has a unique cut in and earhole, C: shows us that this helmet is missing the Riddell sticker and D: shows four air vents without a “needle hole” that would be typical of Schutt.  All of the pictures were taken either on the 4th or 6th of August, so they are a few days old, it will be interesting if his choice of head-gear has since changed.

I did put out some calls to people I know in each of the three helmet makers, and no one could confirm or deny that this was their helmet as it too was “new information”.  I was also told by a person, who is not authorized to give out specific helmet information, “it is so early in camp we do not know who is in what helmet across the league.”

Regardless of who the maker is in order for Collie to be in said helmet, it MUST have been certified by NOCSAE, if not that would be against the rules.  Due to the fact that the helmet should have been NOCSAE approved there would be a paper trail for someone to discover, if I remember correctly that is public information as well.

With all of this being said I am 100% confident that the above pictured helmet that Austin Collie is donning is a prototype, and due to the Simpson connection and the reluctance to answer questions about his helmet, I would be 75% am now 100% confident that if I were to GUESS it is made by someone other than Xenith or Riddell any of the current “big three”.

If anyone knows more the inbox is open, and you will stay off the record.

UPDATE 8/12 15:03 – A “very” informed emailer let me know that if you dig through the NFL rule book there is not a stipuation that a player has to wear a NOCSAE approved helmet.  The emailer even said “if a player wanted to wear the old two bar helmets, the could”.  This is good to know, we are continuing to follow this story, and calls to the Colts and Simpson have not been returned.



11 thoughts on “Austin Collie 4.0? UPDATE

  1. parker608Jules August 14, 2011 / 16:36

    Really interesting. If Collie is able to minimize his concussions this way in 2011, perhaps we might see more NFL players switch to this.

  2. Mark August 15, 2011 / 16:11

    What’s in his mouth? a common boil and bite or nothing at all. Still no standards. No change.

    • Dustin Fink August 15, 2011 / 20:33

      Mouth gear WILL NOT attenuate concussions or concussive forces, I don’t want to go down this road again with you, but if you wish I can just copy and paste…

  3. Mark August 15, 2011 / 22:46

    Neurologists are now referring patients to our network of dentists and military research is underway. You can have your opinion, but most players in the NFL wear no oral protection, there should at least be a mouth guard mandate to eliminate the danger this causes. You can’t argue with that.

    • Dustin Fink August 16, 2011 / 22:42

      I agree with Hopper, there should be a mandate for mouth gear for oral/dental/facial injuries, ABSOLUTELY… For concussion attenuation, that is snake oil!!!

  4. Michael Hopper August 16, 2011 / 22:36

    Yes, mouth guards should be required. They are “required” in college, but there are a lot of players that don’t wear them. I really don’t want to deal with knocked-out teeth because an athlete chooses not to wear a mouth guard.

  5. Mark August 17, 2011 / 07:12

    Dustin, all we are saying is, there should be some type of standards when fitting the mouth guards, particularly in mandated situation. Like an orthotic ski boot, not everyone has a perfect bite, that may effect both temporal mandibular joints. If you determine the imbalances in the bite, prior to fitting, your less likely to suffer facial trauma in the area where CTE manifests. Jaw injury, can cause a myriad of problems. Note how I have not mentioned the C word, night grinding, tinnitus, ear pain, facial numbness, blurred vision, ect. can all be related to to trauma the nervous system within the tmj. Some athletes may be fine with a common mouth guard. Data shows many are not, particularly those who are post orthodontic. This is a simple, inexpensive orthodontic step that is being ignored and is misunderstood by many, including you.

    • Dustin Fink August 17, 2011 / 11:16

      I get your above comment, and if you stay away from concussion issues your product and the way they are properly fitted I have no issue with… If you are saying your product can attenuate grinding, tinnitus related to TMJ, ear pain, facial numbness related to TMJ, blurred vision due to TMJ issues then I have no reason to dispute you. The second you mention, hint, insert brain trauma/concussion and attenuation with your product/fitting then you lose me and credibility…

      Keep on with the fight against TMJ issues, that is your bread and butter…

  6. Mark August 17, 2011 / 11:44

    We feel a major misconception related to ear pain, ringing in the ear (tinnitus), resulting grinding in relation to morning headaches ect. These type of symptoms resulting from jaw trauma have been misconstrued or lumped in with pcs a completely different brain related issue. Nausea related to the inner ear can also be a result of trauma to this are. Nausea is probably the most common complaint in those hit in the jaw, particularly when in a change of motion effecting equilibrium within the ear labyrinth. That said, why not in those cases where these types of markers are found, why not use a method proven outside the athletic realm. This is the basis or jaw therapy, hopefully users will find the same results in past cases.

  7. steve January 12, 2014 / 00:18

    It is called the SG Helmet. It is for sale at and does meet nocsae standards

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