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@PirateATC like many of us practicing athletic trainers is dealing with a huge issue that Emergency Departments keep overlooking; traditional imaging techniques WILL NOT show mTBI/concussion.  I don’t know where the information is being lost but this particular ED is not the only one.  Check out his frustration;

The fallacy that I am referring to is the notion that a CT scan or an MRI is sensitive to the presence of a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI).  These two scans are simply taking pictures of the structures in body.  They save us from being forced to do exploratory surgery to see what is going on inside the body.  They are NOT sensitive to changes at the cellular level and detecting the ions that cross the cell membranes and create the symptoms that we refer to as mTBI or concussion.

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It takes hard work and sitting down with the doctors to get through the proper information.  I recently did a brochure for a local hospital and spoke to some very smart and intimidating individuals about concussions.  It’s not often that an athletic trainer HAS to be the one who educates doctors, but it is something that must be done.  At the very least we must seek out doctors that are peers to the ED MD’s to get the information across.

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  1. brokenbrilliant August 13, 2011 / 11:44

    This is a great post – thanks for passing it along.

    There is also physician-oriented materials in the CDC’s Heads-Up program which may be helpful. Speaking the right language to the right people is the first — and often most daunting — challenge.

    Thanks for your work with this.

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