Athletic Trainers Need to Exude This…

Promote The Profession is a blog that highlights the athletic trainer and our career.  Paul LaDuke Jr., authors the blog and does great work there and on the BOC Blog.

Exude by definition is to exhibit an abundance of.  There is a lot of information that an athletic trainer must know and does know, heck we spend a lot of time and resources on doing just that, learning.  However, Paul LaDuke has pointed out something that our profession needs to exude; interpersonal relationships.

Relationships are the most important public service that an AT offers to the populations that we treat.

My man LaDuke is right, and his post exposes something we all need to be aware of.  I can tell you from personal experience the relationship you forge goes a long way with the coaches, parents, and athletes.  I will be tested very soon as we now have a new head football coach, one that is tested and has a championship pedigree, how does this relate to relationships?  Simple, I must be able to mesh my beliefs and responsibilities in with how he is going to be working.  Now that I have established the steady and respected relationship with the parents and administration, I can focus on the new coach.  I am not worried, as I feel this is one of my strengths, one I learned in an internship program while in school.  It is an attribute that cannot be learned though books, only through experience, I wonder (out loud) how many of the new graduates will have this comfort level in establishing a relationship?

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