MLB Concussion Update #5

That was quick…  A day after our last update, where Craig Gentry of the Rangers was the sixth player to the 7-day DL, Matt Treanor has sustained a concussion;

In the sixth Royals’ catcher Matt Treanor left with a concussion after tagging out Matt LaPorta trying to score. LaPorta showed some class after the game. “I hope he’s OK,” said LaPorta, who called the Royals clubhouse to check on Treanor, who had been taken to a hospital for a CT scan and will be placed on the seven-day concussion list.

Treanor is the 7th player on the 7-day DL;

  1. Erick Almonte
  2. Chris Dickerson
  3. Brian Roberts
  4. Denard Span
  5. Ronny Cedeno
  6. Craig Gentry
  7. Matt Treanor

We will update as they occur…

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