MLB Concussion Update #4

Another three weeks have passed since our last MLB Concussion Update, but we have an official name to add; Craig Gentry of the Texas Rangers.  Gentry was injured while colliding with a player while sliding into second base.

Since our last visit to the MLB, there have been a “knocks” to the head and one “knockout” that have not resulted in the 7-day DL; Jose Bautista, Marlon Byrd and Orlando Hudson, respectively.  The “official” list now is up to six;

  1. Erick Almonte
  2. Chris Dickerson
  3. Brian Roberts
  4. Denard Span
  5. Ronny Cedeno
  6. Craig Gentry

As we have discussed with “Fink’s Rule” there have been a few players with a “head contusion” or “jaw injury” that were incidents that could have involved the head as a whole.  Last year there were 10 concussions in MLB; the league average, per season since 2001 is 3.67, making 2011 above average and on pace for last season.

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