Concussion Recognition & Response App is what it is called, however what it can do can be very helpful for those looking to help an athlete in need after a possible head injury.  With any medical app’s for smart phones it DOES NOT replace a clinical evaluation by a medical professional.  That being said any “layman” using this technology will easily be able to discern if the current injury need to go to an ER or sit out until evaluated by proper medical personnel.

The app was designed and constantly evaluated by a whole team of researchers and physicians, the two of note are Jason Mihalik, PhD and Gerad Gioia, MD.  The intended purpose of the app is to help those less informed, without proper health care available (see athletic trainer/MD) identify if a person is exhibiting signs and symptoms consistent with concussions.  The end user can get this task done in about five minutes.

Here are some screen shots;

My general response after being provided a copy from PAR, was that it can provide what it is intended to do, inform and provide a very early and conservative answer to the question.  I could write-up a massive reason as to why you should look into this app, even as an athletic trainer but I will keep it simple; tell you my instinctive responses that I provided to the PAR Group for thought:

  • Pro – Very Simple
  • Pro – Informative
  • Pro – Serial Testing
  • Con – Device for parents/coaches to manage the injury
  • Con – Allows for “coaching” of injured athlete as to what not to say
  • Con – Could be seen as a replacement/adjunct for trained personnel (see athletic trainer)
  • Pro – Anonymous data gathering for research

The company has pledged to donate a portion of the profit to the Matthew Gfeller Center in Chapel Hill, NC for concussion research.  Since its launch, and over a very short time, some big partners have climbed aboard; Children’s National Medical Center, Matthew Gfeller Research Center, Xenith, Safe Kids, and Youth Football Coaches Association.  For a limited time this app is $3.99.  Take a look.

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