Chevy Joining the Concussion Fight

Although we all should know that helmets DO NOT prevent concussions, they are vital part of collision sports, especially football, hockey and lacrosse.  Knowing this, having the newest helmet possible is the best for any athlete and a high priority for the younger athletes.  On Tuesday Chevrolet announced it is joining with Hockey Canada to provide a huge donation;

The auto maker announced Tuesday it will partner with Bauer and Hockey Canada to provide more than 20,000 helmets for children born in 2006, who are registered for the 2011-12 season.

GM Canada spokesman Jason Easton said the company wanted to expand its Safe and Fun Hockey program and felt protecting the heads of new players was a good way to start.

EVERY SINGLE 5-year-old in Canada will be given a helmet.

In the story from the Globe and Mail by James Mirtle, Chevy joins other companies in Canada that have been rather proactive in providing some sort of concussion help.  From the ThinkFirst video about hockey concussions (Reebok and Bank of Nova Scotia) to the hockey tournament for the awareness about Alzheimer’s (Scotiabank) more and more companies are spending their money in the area to benefit the youth in sports.  Every little bit helps.

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