New Jersey Concussion Summit

The Athletic Trainers’ Society of New Jersey is hosting its second annual Concussion Summit on July 17th.  It is after the “early registration” however the line-up is certainly worth a look.  This is the same organization that produced the very well put together tutorials on concussions, SEE HERE.

  • Steve Broglio, PhD, ATC – Assessing Balance in Concussion
  • Robert Cantu, MD – Long-term Effects of Concussions
  • Annegret Detwiler-Danspeckgruber, EdD – Imaging Concussions: DTI and fMRI
  • Ruben Echemendina, PhD, PSY – The Role of Neurocognitive Testing
  • Jason Mihalik, PhD, CAT(C), ATC – Biomechanics of Concussions
  • Rosemarie Scolaro Moser, PhD, ABPP-RP, ABN – Adolescent Concussion and Cognitive Rest
  • Margot Putukian, MD – In Office/Sideline Evaluation of Concussion
  • Joseph Rempson, MD – Return to Play Considerations

The event is set up for 6.0 CEU’s for AT’s at a cost of $130 ($200 on site) for NATA or ATSNJ Members, $175 ($200 on site) for all other non-NATA/ATSNJ and $210 ($240 on site) for Physicians.

To register for this event visit CLICK HERE (online registration only available until 7/14).

You can view the brochure by clicking HERE.

Just throwing this out there, I will gladly blog live from the event, if you can get me out there, hahaha (man I am shameless!!!)

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