TSN Sportscentre Series on Concussions

Those north of the border in Canada, or with satellite access to TSN will have the opportunity to see a five-part series on head injuries in sports.  The series will be hosted by Dave Naylor with accompanying articles along the way;

Drawing the Line features a range of opinions on the role of violence in professional sports, with comments from former NHL player Keith Primeau, former CFL player, Jason Tucker, Commissioner of the CFL Mark Cohon, Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke, MMA fighter Sean Pierson, as well as other prominent athletes and sports experts.

The series titled “Drawing the Line” will feature these topics in the five installments;

  1. July 4th: The Perfect Storm – looking at the injury to stars like Sidney Crosby, the rise in MMA, and the NFL Week 6 title wave of concussions.
  2. July 5th: The Cost – looking at the toll taken on the injured, immediate and long-term.
  3. July 6th: Violence Sells – with the explosion of MMA what brings people to watch, and is the media culpable.
  4. July 7th: Drawing the Line – violence has hit a critical stage, who is going to effect change or is it just part of the game.
  5. July 8th: Where Do We Go From Here? – looking at the advancement in research and technology, along with the grassroot movement.

It is good to see a very widely viewed outlet taking a cursory look at the concussion issue.  However if they are only looking at the violence of the games/sports, I must say that is part of the game.  Those that play it professionally know what they are signing up for, the real issue is what are we doing for the youth and those that cannot fully understand the repercussions of a concussion.

I do not have satellite nor live in Canada, so I will rely upon you the visitor for updates/”book reports”, feel free to email them in if you wish.

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