Another Race Another Concussion UPDATE

Photo Courtesy of David Craske


INDYCAR has been stricken with another concussion, this time with “star” driver Will Power. Power was tied for the series lead at the time of the crash.  The racing series was very quick to react to this injury, as opposed to Simona de Silvestro, here is a statement just following the Iowa race;

Will Power suffered a minor concussion when his No. 12 Verizon Team Penske car made hard rearward contact with the Turn 2 SAFER Barrier at Iowa Speedway on Lap 90 of the Iowa Corn Indy 250 presented by Pioneer, according to INDYCAR director of medical services Dr. Michael Olinger.

Thanks, once again to @djcraske (now the official TCB-INDYCAR correspondent), here is the video of the crash (begin watching at 14:20):

What keyed us to this injury on Saturday was a tweet from Will Carrol (@injuryexpert) eluding to the observation of Power not appearing “normal” during a post wreck interview.  Granted you need to know about the person and their “normal” activities, the following video is the interview (start watching at 1:28:58).  It is quite interesting seeing a usually very well spoken individual struggle with answering the question, often repeating the question and not putting together a clear and concise answer.  He even mentions “getting his bell rung” and having headache.

One thing is for sure, Power was wrong about being cleared as the official statement (link above) indicated that he will have to pass the ImPACT test prior to his next race (along with de Silvestro).  However the series is off until July 10th, giving both racers plenty of time to rest and recover.

UPDATE at 1:00pm CST (via @djcraske, TCB INDYCAR Correspondent):

 1. There is a better video of Will’s accident.  This one is ~30 seconds, shows an in-car and trackside replay, as well as his interview with TV/radio upon his release.  The video is at:

 2. As of Wednesday, Will has been cleared by INDYCAR to race.  He is currently practicing with Team Penske at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.  A press release in the was just released:

3. No word from how Simona de Silvestro is doing. Her mom actually drove her home from Newton, Iowa back to Indy after not being allowed to race last Saturday, and earlier this week, she flew back to her native Switzerland for a little rest/relaxation/recuperation, so hopefully, she will be cleared for Toronto.  I will let you know if/when that happens.

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