NC Concussion Awareness Act

The Governor of North Carolina is expected to sign the Gfeller-Waller Concussion Awareness Act into law today.  Posted today in the News Observer online edition is the quick recap;

The act applies to public high schools and middle schools and requires them to provide education on concussion awareness to student athletes, parents, coaches, volunteers and first responders; requires players who exhibit signs of a concussion to be removed from play or practice and not return until being cleared by a medical professional; and requires schools to develop an emergency plan to deal with serious injuries.

The bill is named after two high school athletes who died as a result of concussions.

Matthew Gfeller was a sophomore at Winston-Salem Reynolds, and Jaquan Waller was a junior at Greenville Rose. They died as a result of concussions received while playing football.

This brings the total (that we have compiled) to 20 states with enacted legislation.  If you know of more please send it to us!

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