NOCSAE Press Release


OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS, June 13, 2011 – The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) Summer Board Meeting will take place in Chapel Hill, N.C., June 17. During this meeting, the organization will review a report from the new Scientific Advisory Committee and consider and approve research grant requests. The agenda also will include consideration and discussion of a new youth football helmet standard, a new women’s lacrosse helmet/head protection standard, a new defensive position head/face protection standard for baseball and softball, as well as potential modifications and clarifications to existing standards.

NOCSAE is an independent and nonprofit standard-setting body with the sole mission to enhance athletic safety through scientific research and the creation of performance standards for protective equipment. Formed in 1969, NOCSAE is a leading force in the effort to improve athletic equipment and, as a result, reduce injuries. NOCSAE efforts include the development of performance and test standards for football helmets and facemasks, baseball and softball batters and catchers helmets, baseballs and softballs, ice hockey helmets, soccer shinguards, lacrosse helmets and facemasks and polo helmets.

NOCSAE is a primary source for research funding in all sports medicine and science related areas and is the leading nongovernmental funding source for sports concussion related research. Since 2000, NOCSAE has devoted more than $2.5 million toward this research by the foremost experts in sports medicine and science to develop and advance athlete safety. Since 1995 NOCSAE has dedicated more than $4 million in concussion-related research involving some of the nation’s leading academic and research institutions.

You can contact Rebecca Rausch at for further information.

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