Exciting New Online Education

I was recently contacted by Sport Safety International to take a look at and provide feedback to online concussion education courses.  We do get a lot of these type of emails, usually with flattering introductions trying to get publicity.  And to be honest as time warrants I do my best to investigate every single one of them.  You have seen that I have looked at and informed the audience about many products and services for concussions.  So this was somewhat routine for me, to take a look and give honest feedback (sometimes the feedback is not what companies and people want or expected to hear).  However Sport Safety International has something that was not only worth every second of my time, but worth ANYONE’S time.

I am gladly going to go as far as promoting this service, mainly because it is FREE to coaches, athletes and parents (see general public).  Here is their own words;

We wanted to let you know that the education division of our firm, Sport Safety International, recently launched an exciting new program called ConcussionWise, which is a family of online concussion education programs.  We currently offer ConcussionWise PRO (for coaches), and ConcussionWise SPORT (two courses: one for parents and one for athletes), which are free of charge and can be found on our website.  Additionally, We offer ConcussionWise AT, which is designed specifically for athletic trainers and BOC approved for 2.0 CEUs.  Finally, we will be launching our physician and school nurse versions later this month, and have other exciting plans in the works.

I not only looked at the ‘PRO’ (about 17 minutes) and ‘SPORT’ (about 19 minutes), but followed all those up with the ‘AT’ version (about 30 minutes).  They had me hooked, as I told SSI it was almost as if The Concussion Blog had a hand in the information.  The myth’s, stigma and misinformation regarding the injury and care were all addressed.  And in the ‘AT’ version ($29.99) was very deep with very a very good quiz in order to receive the CEU’s.

We will link up all the versions to the left under the “Links” for easy access, but until then you can access them by clicking below.

ConcussionWise PRO

ConcussionWise SPORT (Parents)

ConcussionWise SPORT (Athletes)

ConcussionWise AT

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