Kentucky Sports Concussion Summit

The 2nd annual Sports Concussion Summit in Lexington, Kentucky is set for June 24th.  The event is set to be a good source of information and a provider for continuing education, especially for athletic trainers (although anyone that will be dealing with concussions is CERTAINLY encouraged to attend);

The 2nd Annual Sports Concussion Summit will feature experts in the field of clinical practice dealing with the prevention and management of sport-related concussions. This conference is designed to review current practices in the prevention, recognition of concussions, and management of sport related concussions. The conference will benefit health care professionals involved in all levels of care and training, as well as athletes, coaches, and parents.

The summit is presented by;

  • Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky
  • Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Kentucky Concussion Alert Network
  • University of Kentucky
    • College of Health Sciences
    • Department of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
    • Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center
    • Kentucky Neruoscience Institute
    • Department of Neurology

The schedule is from 8am until 5pm with a lunch break and the presenters are very diverse the topics are;

  • Contemporary Perceptions on Closed Head Injuries: Multidisciplinary Initiatives
  • Treatment of Sport-related concussions and return-to-play clearance
  • Concussion and the Media’s Perspective
  • Game Day: Concussion Evaluation and Management
  • Are We Educating Enough: An Athletic Trainer Perspective
  • Pediatric Concussions: Are Children Different from Adults?
  • Current Rules and Regulations in High School Sports
  • Changes in the Perceptions of Concussions from a Player Standpoint
  • Evaluation of Pediatric Concussions

The registration fee is $25, ONLY $25 for medical professionals and coaches (you get 6.5 contact hours of CEU’s), and it is FREE for students and family.  This is ONE HECK OF A DEAL.  Now is the time to adjust your schedule for this, I am going to be there, are you?

You can register;

  • Online (CLICK HERE)
  • Phone 859.257.5320
  • Fax 859.323.2920
  • Mail
    • University of Kentucky
      Attn: Candy Back
      138 Leader Ave, Ste 9E
      Lexington, KY 40506‐9983

The brochure can be accessed here (Conference Brochure 2011) for all the information and registration sheet…

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