Bobby Hosea and Xenith

Xentih and Bobby Hosea are teaming up to help with concussion awareness and proper tackling technique fundamentals from the BIG HITTS training academy.

More information about Bobby Hosea can be found HERE

One thought on “Bobby Hosea and Xenith

  1. John Gonoude May 26, 2011 / 11:35

    My father, for so long, explained to me that the technique of tackling in football has become a lost art, and ever since I really bought into what he was trying to describe, I’ve seen it now more than ever. Tackling has come to be an act that no longer is dominated by the head up, body low, and wrap up technique- rather, it is an act of frequent body tossing at a ball carrier with the head down. In youth football, they taught us the long-established proper way of tackling, but as I progressed throughout the higher levels of play, this seems to fade.

    Bobby Hosea has already shown tremendous success in his program, and I believe it is one of MANY steps needed to be taken to address the head and neck injury issue in football. I would love to someday have the chance to sit down and talk to this guy. It seems that he’s got his head on right and has pinpointed the right idea that will save the game, and still maintain the game’s physicality. The helmet is NOT a weapon.

    Thanks for the post, Dustin!

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