Wristband for Concussion Cause

We have highlighted the works of good people on the website many times.  I am particularly excited to promote Save Your Brain once again.  This time for their wristband campaign.  Gonoude’s previous write-up was excellent (see here), but we may have missed the opportunity for anyone to feel a part of the cause.

I spoke with Brandon Drummond (co-founder) of SYB and wanted to help out with spreading the word on the “bling” anyone can purchase.  Neither us nor SYB has the means currently to purchase them through a website, but you can contact them directly at weheartbrain@gmail.com to purchase the bands (make sure you indicate you were referred via The Concussion Blog), I believe they are $5 each with shipping and handling as necessary (picture below).  Here is a quick quote from SYB about their wristbands;

Save Your Brain is advancing its message from social media to social action. Not only are we raising awareness of the concussion epidemic through our internet presence, but we are now bringing a tangible benefit to the individuals most severely affected by these injuries, the athletes. Save Your Brain has found a way to Kick Back  with its Helluva Helmet Campaign. A portion of their merchandise sales will go towards purchasing brand-new concussion-reduction technology(CRT) helmets for high school football teams. These helmets embody what SYB is all about, saving brains and lookin fresh at the same time. We are starting with our old high school, Clarkstown South High School, in New York but we plan to expand the campaign nationwide. You can help us make a difference by buying our gear and joining our movement, bringing a new meaning to fashionable awareness. Keep track of the happenings at SYB and the progress of our campaign by Liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

We look forward to our cooperation with SYB in the future, and when they start rolling to the Midwest we will be here waiting to provide assistance.  SYB is on the right track when it comes to education and awareness about concussions.  For those in the Illinois area and want to get your hand on a wristband contact me, I will have a very limited supply to sell as well for SYB.

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