NSCC: Symposium On Recent Findings

The National Sports Concussion Cooperative will be hosting a symposium on Thursday June 2nd in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  The event will be held on the campus of UNC at Chapel Hill at a location to be determined.  According to the press release;

Panel discussions will address Virginia Tech STAR rating system, concussion legislation, sports medicine and coaching for optimum player safety and parental interests

The key-note speaker is Stefan Duma, PhD, Biomedical Engineering of Virgina Tech who was the lead on the recent helmet rating study.  Other representatives at the symposium will include;

  • Grant Teaff – American Football Coaches Association
  • Mike Oliver – NOCSAE
  • Jason Mihalik – Univ of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Rawlings, Riddell, and others – Helmet Manufacturers
  • National Conference of State Legislature
  • Matthew Gfeller Foundation

The “what” from the press release;

The NSCC will host a group of industry experts to discuss sports concussions, research on concussion prevention and the effects these injuries can have on all stakeholders: players and their families, coaches, sports medicine professionals and helmet manufacturers.

A series of presentations, moderated panel discussions and Q&A sessions, featuring topics including:

  • Coaching, officiating and rules and their role in player safety
  • Sports medicine and the gap in knowledge between doctors/researchers and trainers related to on-field concussion recognition and treatment
  • State-by-State concussion legislation and how the medical and football communities can support state legislators
  • The advantages and limitations of the STAR rating system developed by Dr. Stefan Duma and his Virginia Tech team

The final schedule of events will be determined this week, for further information you can contact (tell them TCB send you);

  • Roger Hacker – Fleishman-Hillard, 314.982.8788, roger.hacker@fleishman.com

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