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Former NHL player Keith Primeau has is right, “education is key for all of us when it comes to concussions”.  He has launched his own website devoted to concussion awareness as well,  The website was launched on May 4th of this year at the Hockey Hall of Fame and it has become a great resource for people.  I look to be hooked up with Keith in the future to bring you more options for concussion awareness.

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  1. E. October 26, 2012 / 10:22

    I am a teacher. During supervision duty on March 1,2012, I was hit on the left side of my face by a hard soccerball kicked by a gr. 7 student. I felt the hit – it hurt so much it ceased to hurt. What happened next is what I am told for I have no recollection: my head hit the wall and my body did a 180 and I fell face down on the frozen ground. When I came to recess was over and the principal walked me into the school. I waited for my husband to take me to the hospital and there I waited another 3 hours before I was checked, sitting down, head bent over. I was diagnosed with a mild head injury. Told I could return to work the following day. Unfortunately, the following day started all the problems. I feel neglected and abused by my Board. When I needed help it abandoned me. I seem to be getting nowhere. The pain and headaches are excruciating at times. I’m exhausted and depressed. I do not know what to do.

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