Soccer Concussion

We see them in all sports, but soccer does have a high rate of concussions to share with the sporting world.  To be honest there are probably a lot more in this sport that go undetected as the nature of the game has one using their head a lot.  The most obvious and vicious are when the foot of a player strikes the head of another, mostly on accident.  Below is a video of such an incident; not only was the player “out” going to the ground there is a slight moment where you can see the Fencing Response.  Add to all of this the player will need surgery to fix facial fractures (he is stable).  Thanks to “Dirty Tackle” of Yahoo! sports for the find.

They removed this video, sorry!!!  The Concussion Blog strikes again, that is twice now…

One thought on “Soccer Concussion

  1. Michael Hopper May 20, 2011 / 08:43

    Dustin, unforunately the video is no longer on YouTube..

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