Hockey Quick Hits

1st Period

With Boogaard’s untimely death and the questions surrounding the cause; many in the hockey world are taking this time to reflect on the sport and its violence, from the AP via Washington Post;

“I think the league does a good job. They’re trying to limit head shots,” Tampa Bay Lightning center Nate Thompson said Monday. “I don’t think they can (ban fighting entirely). That’s part of the game. It’s a physical sport and it always has been. If they take that out of the game that takes a part of the history out of the game.”

The NHL can ban any contact to the head, that is a very simple solution to remedy some of the head contact.  Secondly the NHL can enforce the boarding, roughing and cross-checking rules that create possible concussive incidents with hits to other parts of the body.  Thirdly, the players can start respecting one another at a higher level.  This is a systemic problem, not only in the NHL but throughout all of sports.

2nd Period

Patrice Bergeron continues to be out from playoff action for the Boston Bruins after his “mild concussion” in the previous series with the Flyers, from AP via Washington Post;

Bergeron was injured in the finale of the second-round series against Philadelphia when he was hit by Claude Giroux. He practiced with the team for the first time on Monday.

The actual hit (video below) was not that terrible in terms of the rules, an open ice hit; however Bergeron knew something was up because he skated off the ice and immediately headed to the “quiet room” for evaluation.  This again goes to show that putting a time-table on a concussion is very difficult.  Considering the history of Bergeron and concussions the team and player will be using the highest discretion for his return.

3rd Period

To back up the 2nd period thoughts, the Bruins opponents in the Conference Finals the Tampa Bay Lightning are also dealing with an important player being out due to concussion, Pavel Kubina.  Kubina was injured in Game 1 of the Conference semi’s against the Washington Capitals and has yet to return.  Kubina has not made the trip to Boston and his outlook is unknown from AJ Perez;

“Every day when there seems to be a little progression, it kind of slips back a bit,” Boucher said. “So it’s kind of an injury that you never know. You wake up the next day and everything’s great or just keeps on going the same way so it’s very hard to monitor what’s going on with him.”

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