St. Michael’s Press Release

St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada issued the following press release (we will be following the information that will be reported by various media outlets);

Researchers at St. Michael's Hospital will release new research on
Thursday about how traumatic brain injuries such as concussions cause
physical changes to the brain.

    The groundbreaking work will be presented as part of the celebration of
the hospital's new Keenan Research Centre. Federal Industry Minister Tony
Clement will speak at an event for donors later in the morning.

    The centre, and an adjacent education centre, are among the first in the
world and the only ones in Toronto especially built to bring researchers,
physicians and educators together to share insights and ultimately speed
the delivery of best practices to the bedside.

    The number of concussions being diagnosed in Canada is rising, in part
because doctors are better able to recognize the symptoms. The public and
the media are also more aware of the issue after several high-profile
athletes have been sidelines by concussions or had their sports careers

    The research will be presented by Dr. Andrew Baker, the hospital's chief
of critical care. Also attending the news conference will be:

    - Master Cpl. Michael Blois, a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, who
suffered a traumatic brain injury after his LAV III armoured vehicle was
attacked by rocket-propelled grenades for four hours in Afghanistan.
Master Cpl. Blois was treated at St. Michael's Head Injury Clinic, which
is the largest of its kind in Canada.

    - Dr. Michael Cusimano, a neurosurgeon who was among the first to warn of
the dangers of bodychecking and head injuries in sports, especially among
young athletes

    - Nick Kypreos, whose National Hockey League career ended when he
suffered a concussion

Date:           Thursday, May 5, 2011

Time:           10 a.m.

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