Dr. Adickes

This video is from Fox Sports and is a quick editorial from Dr. Mark Adickes (@jocktodoc) about the concussion issue, particularly the Dave Duerson case;

4 thoughts on “Dr. Adickes

  1. Mark May 5, 2011 / 09:05


    Boxers are the one group known to have suffered this cte related trauma. Mouth guards are required in boxing due to forces to the jaw and lower face. The first place to start is to mandate mouth guards in the NFL and NHL. Then standardizing a medical protocol in those with both temporal mandibular joint dysfunction and concussion history. It has been found in this group, that a corrective orthotic protocol has helped dramatically reduce the risk of receiving this type of jaw related concussion. In those cases where the jaw was involved in the initial injury such as, Kevin kolb, Marc Savard and Sydney Crosby, a full evaluation of the head, neck and jaw already in use with the N.E. Patriots is warranted.

    • Dustin Fink May 5, 2011 / 10:44

      You should be careful about what you write and infer. NO MOUTH GEAR including a mouth orthodic would have prevented or “dramatically reduced” the risk of ANY concussions. There is NO SUCH thing as a jaw related concussion. If the “jaw” is forced into the TMJ and only enough force is there to produce THAT action then the brain is NOT jostled and will not elicit a concussive response.

      Any force to the jaw that MOVES the head in any fashion has the ability to create a concussive blow, NO EQUIPMENT IN THE MOUTH WILL EVER PREVENT THIS. It is both irresponsible and fradulent to claim any of this! No matter the “research” you present to us on the blog it is all EXTREMELY flawed and has never been reproduced or controlled enough to be found statistically significant.

      Mouth gear will only prevent and help with oral-facial injuries and have zero to miniscule attenuation effects on concussive blows. This type of information should stop.

      A post to follow on all of this.

      • Kyle Brister March 22, 2012 / 04:25

        Dustin, I don’t know who you are, or who you claim to represent, but to say that the use of proper mouthguards does not help alleviate the impact of cuncussive brain injury is fraudulent & irresponsible. How do I know? I actually played the game of football. I not only played, but played with a fierce abandon that had I not used a mouth guard, I have no doubt I would be an invalid today.

        When I was in junior high school I had a head on impact collision with another player who went on to become a college all american in football. I was given an inferior helment which should have been disguarded due to being obsolete. It had no pladding except for the earholes & secured my head in place with straps. Any way, upon impact my helmet was split completely into & I was temporarily knocked out with a stinger to my shoulder. I suffered a minor concussion with no secondary effects, but have no doubt that had I not had a proper fitting mouth pice, I would have been invalized on the spot. I am greatful for the adults who were responsible enough to teach me the necessity of the use of proper fitting mouthguards.

      • Dustin Fink March 22, 2012 / 06:45

        Research, physics and true science back up my information. In your case we will never know the result without a mouth guard; and for you to insinuate that w/o a MG you would have been an invalid is a horrendous overstatement and myth.

        Good luck to you going forward.

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