NHL Post Season Concussion Report #2

Throughout the year we have been chronicling concussions in the National Hockey League and now the sport is in the post season.  We will be noting any concussion we can find; that are both ACTUALLY listed and suspected.

There seemed to be a slow down on concussion is the playoffs over the past week.  That was not without trying from players, as Raffi Torres was just one amongst a lot of players that “laid the wood” this past week.  Now I must say that like Gary Bettman, I love the big hit, but I love the CLEAN big hit.  I am not, nor will I ever be a fan of a hit that deliberately targets the head, or is so vicious/blind sided that it causes a head injury.

A prime example is the picture above (via Puck Daddy at Yahoo! Sports) that Greg Wyshynski wrote about;

4. Why Dave Bolland went crazy: At 13:49 of the second period, the Blackhawks’ Bolland took an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for a stick-smashing tantrum at his own bench. If you’re wondering why that happened, it happened because of this:

That’s Dan Hamhuishitting Bolland up high, in Bolland’s second game back from a concussion that kept him out since March 9. Of course, Hamhuis has had concussions of his own, which makes this kind of play so frustrating from a “when will these guys learn?” perspective. Not a suspension-level hit; more like a 2-minute minor for boarding. But still, you can understand Bolland’s anger.

These are the types of hits that many are becoming very weary of, and really this could be handled simply by banning all contact to the head.  And why was charging not called on this play?  Didn’t the league say they were going to enforce the rules better?  Even late in the Blackhawk game Sunday there was a massive collision behind the net and it was obvious to me; the shoulder made contact with the head, and upon slo-mo replay that indeed happened.  It seems that as the playoffs progress the whistle gets a little deeper in the throats of the officials.

Our additions to the concussed list for this week;

  • Brent Seabrook, CHI
  • Patrick Kaleta, BUF (video below)

  • Martin Erat, NAS
  • Mike Green, WAS

If anyone has more information about other players not listed, please send it along!

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