Raffi Torres

The Vancouver Canuck just finished his four-game suspension for this hit;

And upon his return to hockey in Game 3 of the opening round how does he go about his business?  Does he play the game with respect?  Does he respect other players?  Does he finally adhere to Rule 48?  Why don’t you take a look;

Some have said that Torres will get at least five games for his most recent hit, others have been baffled by how the NHL has been choosing to apply the rule.  It will be interesting to see how the league handles Torres, as now he is a repeat offender.

2 thoughts on “Raffi Torres

  1. Chris Ross April 18, 2011 / 15:35

    I can’t believe Torres wasn’t suspended considering his reputation and the fact that he didn’t even make it one game without doing something reckless. It is questionable of whether there is intent to injure considering he kept his elbow in but he hit his head and there shouldn’t be any excuse for that. You have to be more careful. It’s still a penalty if it’s an accident and this is a guy who is a repeat offender. The NHL is just once again opening the door for more stuff like this to happen so people better start getting ready for more head injuries and discussions. Also you think you could check out my blog cuz I really wanna know what you think http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2011/04/17/throw-the-book-at-torres/

  2. Dustin Fink April 18, 2011 / 19:42

    I do like your blog very well done and good topic with good writing!

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