NBA Post Season Concussion Report Week 1

Throughout the year we have been chronicling concussions in the National Basketball Association and National Hockey League and now both sports are in the post season.  Obviously there have been more concussions in the NHL than the NBA but this time of year will lend itself to more “exposure” to the injuries sustained on the court or ice.  We will be noting those injuries that are both ACTUALLY listed and suspected.

We only found/heard of 12 concussions in the NBA this past season so the rate of them in the playoffs should be extremely low.  I have my suspicions as we see the second season progress.  Case-in-point Indiana Pacer Tyler Hansbrough, I give you Exhibit A;

There has yet to be an official listing of “head/concussion” for Hansbrough as of late last night.  With that being said, it would be good to review the basic definition of a concussion; a disruption of normal brain function to include symptoms and signs, both overt and subtle.  Hansbrough appeared to be “out” on the floor, and was very “wobbly” on his feet in the tunnel; both obvious signs of head trauma to this observer.  Granted his symptoms could have resolved in that short period of time before he came back into the game, the portrayal in the media was that he was a “warrior” and able to play through the pain.  The exact cause of the stigma we are trying to change.  Tyler Hansbrough is our only NBA listing at this time.

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