Bradshaw Speaks Up

It has not been easy for former players to discuss the issue of concussions and head injuries.  In fact, you rarely hear from the most prominent (analysts, talking heads, etc.), some of them you hear misinformation from, or lack of education on the matter (Mike Golic, Mark Schlereth, Hines Ward, etc.).  However recently one of the most well-known “talking heads” and former quarterback, Terry Bradshaw, is now revealing his current dealings with repeated head trauma.  In a report on and Will Brinson, Bradshaw tells all;

The latest former player to speak out against long-term concussion symptoms is a big name: FOX Sports NFL pregame host Terry Bradshaw, who revealed on Tuesday that he’s suffering from short-term memory loss and the loss of hand-eye coordination as a result of brain injuries suffered when he was in the NFL.

Brinson did a wonderful job of tracking down the subtle hints that Bradshaw has been laying down;

“I forgot the numbers. It’s pretty staggering; if you play in the NFL and start for 10 years, it’s not good. It is not good,” Bradshaw said according to

Bradshaw also said he believed he suffered six concussions during his playing days, as well as numerous hits that caused him to “clear the cobwebs.” (Read: probably a concussion.) And he confirmed these symptoms in his piece at FOX, published on Tuesday afternoon, in which he discussed his decision to make these problems public.

Brinson’s work is very good, The Concussion Blog approved for finding the information and bringing awareness through blogging, we are full support of Brinson’s claim;

Perhaps most importantly, he dropped a line about the state of concussion treatment in the NFL — “But it’s nowhere where it needs to be.” — that should ring loud and clear for everyone in and around the NFL.

Especially when a “great” of the game is dealing with memory loss and depression.  There are A LOT of us that have “been-there-done-that”; this is why we are here.

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