Footy Concussion Report Round 2

The Concussion Blog has decided to take up another project, tracking the concussions of another collision sport, one with very good media coverage, albeit not in North America.  Aussie Rules Football and its professional league AFL have had an issue with concussion in the past and as we have seen on videos here, they can be scary.  With the help of Herald Sun we will be compiling the concussions on a weekly basis.

After the second round there has been a noticeable interest in the concussion issue, from the media/broadcasters, to the print journalists, to even the players.  The stigma has reared its ugly head in a national broadcast, as Jack Riewoldt was very upset after being subbed out.  A day later Riewoldt conceded that the decision to remove him was the correct move.  Also in footy news; Daniel Bell opened up about his battle with symptoms related to post concussion syndrome and Daniel Gilmore is set to bring a negligence case against his former club and the AFL.

With all of this newly found awareness one would think that the league would be on the forefront of disclosing concussions of its players.  It does seem as though the media is doing most of the work in trying to find out the injuries, and doing a good job at that; however if the AFL wants to get a grasp on this injury they should keep an accurate number.  Allowing the clubs and players to dictate when they are hurt/concussed will not work.  Enough of the rambling on to the Round 2 list;

  • Jack Riewoldt, Richmond
  • Mitch Clark, Brisbane (was hurt in round 1)

This is my point, there are more than 2 concussive episodes per week in the AFL.  The league and its players are NOT doing a good enough job of disclosing the information.  With that the total is now 7 for the AFL (with two carried over from preseason); an average of 2.5 concussions/week in the AFL which would project to 60 concussions throughout the season.

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