NHL Concussion Report 4.4.11

Each week we scour the web to find concussions in the National Hockey League.  We will keep a running tally on that information as the season progresses.  However, it is not easy as the NHL has decided that listing injuries as “upper body” or “undisclosed” is a good indicator of actual injuries occurred.  Our list is believed to be as accurate as possible, even including injuries that have vague listings but through reports and video analysis should be classified as concussions.

As suspected the actual listing of any injury, let alone a concussion, is becoming more and more shrouded in secrecy.  As the playoffs near not one team wants to give and advantage to an opponent.  And apparently they don’t want us to know the “real” numbers with concussions.

Never-the-less, the National Hockey League has now reached the number; 93 in terms of head/concussion injuries.  Why is this number significant?  It was the previous high for reported concussions set last season, prior to that each season was averaging low 70’s.  With generally three games remaining until post season there is a pretty good chance that number will climb.

Here are the new additions to the list;

  • Mark Fistric, Dallas
  • Frans Nielson, New York Islanders
  • Marek Svatos, Ottawa

The weekly stats;

  • 1.17 concussions/game night
  • 0.04 concussions/actual game
  • 13.48% of the active rosters have been concussed
  • Defensman comprise 37.63% of concussions
  • Centers comprise 24.73% of concussions
  • Right Wingers comprise 20.43% of concussions
  • Left Wingers comprise 15.05% of concussions
  • Goalies comprise 2.15% of concussions
  • Carolina has yet to list a concussion and Colorado leads the league with 8

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