It Is Starting To Sink In

A loyal follower of The Concussion Blog, @PirateATC has a blog devoted to athletic training and sports medicine for high school and middle school athletes.  In his latest post he discusses a situation where an athlete came to him with questions about his head;

When I asked him what made him think that he had a problem, he cited the large amount of press coverage that the topic was receiving and that he thought he better get it looked at.  I commend the young man for being so proactive and taking the necessary steps to take care of himself appropriately.  Maybe, just maybe I will be able to see a little more of this responsibility and less of the macho “leave me alone, I can handle this” attitude that is usually associated with this injury.

This wonderful to see the youth starting to take this issue seriously.

If there are more stories out there from fellow athletic trainers, doctors, parents or coaches we would love to hear them.  You can send them in to and we will publish.  As always we can keep it anonymous.

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