2011 NATM Tribute Videos

We would like to thank all that submitted letters on behalf of Athletic Trainers during the month of March.  And for those that read and found out more about the profession, thank you.  There is more than words out there…  Remember to thank your local Athletic Trainer for all that they do.

I think it is a good time for some video education via the NATSC Video Contest.  Some are serious in nature, but most are humorous; all the while educating the audience about Athletic Training.  Without further delay here are some of the best…

First a serious submission from Hope College;

Next a music video from Ohio University;

Up next is a video magazine submission from Boston University;

This one is from Franklin College, is that Ice Ice Baby?;

A very professionally done submission from Michigan University;

And finally my All-Time favorite “Smooth Professional” from James Madison from last year;

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