High Profile Rugby & NHL Announcement Part 2 & Crosby

The International Rugby Board instituted greater safety for concussed players by updating their protocol.  The trouble is, we cannot find a text of exactly what this new protocol is.  Nevertheless the IRB changes are being tested this week by Ireland player Eoin Reddan;

Reddan lasted less than two minutes of the defeat to Wales on Saturday after suffering a concussion just 60 seconds into the game at the Millennium Stadium.

Although he is recovering well he will have to see a neurologist this week as part of the concussion management under the IRB concussion ‘Return to Play’ protocols.

While Reddan has not been ruled out of the England match, Ireland have been boosted by Tomas O’Leary’s return to fitness following a back problem.

We can see that constant monitoring of the injured, along with further clearance from a neurologist is part of this protocol.  Reddan is most high profile athlete to take part in the new IRB ‘rules’ with concussions.  It will be interesting to see how Reddan and rugby deal with this.  The next match, versus England, is scheduled for Sunday.



The NHL further broke down their stats for concussions in the league this year, giving percentages for the types of hits they believe are creating the injury;

The other big piece of news: a full 14 percent of N.H.L. concussions are caused by what Bettman called “legal head shots”; i.e., north-south hits to the head that did not specifically target the head.

There are “legal” shots to the head allowed?  Oh, that is right the NHL is not like most all other international league, so of the 79 concussions that means 11 of them were deemed legal shots to the head.  That is 11 too many!

Other stats that Bettman gave us were;

  • 44% (35) concussions were from “legal body hits”
  • 1 concussion was due to a hit outlawed by Rule 48 (down from 4 last year)
  • 17% (13) concussions were due to illegal hits
  • 26% (21) concussions were accidental hits
  • 8% (6) concussions were due to fighting

We will keep follow this via Jeff Z. Klein of the New York Times.



Finally Sidney Crosby tried to upstage the GM Meeting with his first return to the ice since January 6th.  He spent just a “few minutes” getting active, and remains “a long way out” from returning.


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