NHL Concussion Report 3.14.11 (UPDATE)

Each week we scour the web to find concussions in the National Hockey League.  We will keep a running tally on that information as the season progresses.  However, it is not easy as the NHL has decided that listing injuries as “upper body” or “undisclosed” is a good indicator of actual injuries occurred.  Our list is believed to be as accurate as possible, even including injuries that have vague listings but through reports and video analysis should be classified as concussions.

As the general managers meet in Florida, perhaps they would like to know this number…  78 79.  That is the current number of players that have been listed as “concussion”, “head”, or some other ailment that with further investigation resulted in those players having what was believed to be a concussion.  I don’t know if I have mentioned this but “upper body” and “disclosed” are poor listings and should be readdressed.  New to this week I have included some statistics, but first the added players since last report;

  • Rostislav Klesla – Phoenix
  • Max Pacioretty – Montreal
  • Cal Clutterback – Minnesota
  • Scott Timmins – Florida
  • Jordan Staal – Pittsburgh (did play on Sunday)
  • Dave Bolland – Chicago
  • UPDATE: Gilbert Brule – Edmonton

Quick reminder that we gather this information as often as possible, but there may be a player or two that gets in the news for a concussion that are not subsequently reported or return before adding them to this list.  Enough of the process, how bout some stats;

  • With generally 13 games remaining there has been 1.13 1.14 concussions/”game night”
  • With generally 13 games remaining there has been 0.04 concussion/actual game
  • Team Breakdowns;
    • 0 = CAR, OTW, SJ
    • 1 = CLB, LA, FLA, MTL, NJ
    • 2 = CAL, DET, NYR, PHI, TB, TOR
    • 3 = ATL, BUF, CHI, DAL, EDM, NAS, VAN, WAS
    • 4 = ANA, BOS, NYI, PHX, STL, EDM
    • 5 = MIN, PIT
    • 7 = COL
  • Position Breakdown;
    • G = 2 (2.56% 2.53%)
    • LW = 12 (15.38% 15.19%)
    • RW = 17 (21.79% 21.52%)
    • C = 18 19 (23.08% 24.05%)
    • D = 29 (37.18% 36.71%)
      • If you were to put wingers together, defense and wingers would be the same
      • 50% of skaters are offense they comprise 60.2% 60.6% of concussions
      • 33.3% of skaters are defense they comprise 37.2% 36.9% of concussions
      • 16.7% of skaters are goalies the comprise 2.6% 2.5% of concussions

Thanks to Drew Goyens for the assist this week….

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