“Concussion is not the bogeyman”

This is a tried and true quote from Micky Collins of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Sports Medicine Concussion Program.  As I have stated many times the injury itself is more than likely rather benign, IF TREATED CORRECTLY.  That is exactly what Collins is preaching; management of the initial injury is of the most importance.

“As we peel the onion on this injury and we started doing more and more research and more and more clinical work, it’s like, wow, this is really something that needs to be dealt with, and you have to do it very carefully,” said Micky Collins…

Researchers and doctors figured out that, despite their serious nature, concussions can be effectively treated. If managed correctly, Collins said, the potential for long-term effects can be mitigated.

Ignoring the signs and symptoms of a concussion is the first step to mistreating the injury, therefore the awareness of what a concussion is and the subsequent treatment will make it easier to handle.  Clinicians and “front-line” professionals have been given more technology and research to help with the detection of the concussion.  However, the MOST IMPORTANT tool that any doctor or athletic trainer has is trust from the athlete and their support group.  If the athlete does not share, with those that are concerned with their safety, the honest truth and symptoms then all the technology in the world will not allow them to get the proper treatment.

Concussions are relatively “invisible” to most, even those that have been concussed, but there are some out there that know A LOT about this injury to get the person in the right hands so that proper treatment can begin.  The moral of the story is to be upfront and honest with those trying to help, and to get all the information you can about concussions.

Remember, “concussion is not the bogeyman” nor are those trying to help you!


2 thoughts on ““Concussion is not the bogeyman”

  1. John Gonoude March 14, 2011 / 11:36

    This is something that I have greatly appreciated about Collins. We have seen many measures taken to address the concussion issue in sports, but we struggle to find a common ground amongst all peoples. It is needs to be recognized that concussions are primarily an inherent risk of contact sports, but they are additionally an injury that is quite manageable. I’ve stood by this for quite some time, but if my first diagnosed concussion was carefully managed and had been treated properly, I probably could have continued a successful career and high school and quite possibly in college. Dealing with such an injury is different for every player in every sport- what needs to be understood is that we don’t need to ‘scare’ the public about concussions, rather, we need to put forth a well-balanced system of education to note the potentialities of the injury. The ‘concussion world’ has been influenced by parties who ‘downplay’ or ‘overplay’ the injury. Hopefully, in the coming future, a consensus at all levels will be achieved, for it is essential for the brains of our athletes, and the integrity of our beloved sports.

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