An Honest Interview

Percy Allen of the Seattle Times covers the University of Washington basketball team, and has a blog report that deals in part with Justin Holiday and his concussion.  Holiday is just returning from his concussion he suffered on March 5th and Allen interviewed him about how it has been going.

“I really didn’t feel comfortable shooting them because of my concussion,” he said. “I was a little light-headed at times and I thought other guys could have made a better shot than I could have. It was really just being out there for the team. I wasn’t shooting as well and I wanted to make sure we got the best shot up possible in the game. And helping in ways I knew for sure I could get things done.

(How can you get better?) “Just rest. It’s most definitely gotten better. Resting all week. Other than the games. These couple of days of rest are going to help me most definitely. I feel better now than I did when we left. I feel that can get cleared up all the way and go out there and produce.”

(How close were you to sitting out?) “Was not close at all. I was going to play.”

(What about the testing process?) “They (the medical staff) could have told me no. It depended on how I felt. I did some workout stuff, running to see how I felt. If I would have said I was a little dizzy right now, they would have told me no. But I was actually good. Of course I’m not going to be 100 percent, but I knew what I was capable at playing at. The certain levels. I knew was going to be fine enough to play and help my teammates. Obviously if I was was to play and felt like I was going to just be out there and not help them, I wouldn’t do that to my teammates.”

(Do you feel any lingering effects?) “A little fogginess in my head right now, but nothing too serious.”

It is admirable for Holiday to help his team out, however this interview begs to ask; how honest has he been with the medical staff?  I am fairly certain that the UW staff is way ahead of the times on concussions and have looked into protocols, therefore I am wondering why Holiday is not communicating his lingering issues with the staff.  Holiday can be 100 percent if given enough time, but every time he goes back out there the chance of him continuing with the lingering symptoms is GREATER.  And from this athletic trainers perspective any symptoms that are as a result of playing should be looked into.

Take it for what this is for; information with an editorial, I obviously do not know the full extent of his injury nor the UW protocol nor his medical history, all factors.  Good luck to Holiday and the Huskies.

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