NHL Concussion Report 3.7.11

Each week we scour the web to find concussions in the National Hockey League.  We will keep a running tally on that information as the season progresses.  However, it is not easy as the NHL has decided that listing injuries as “upper body” or “undisclosed” is a good indicator of actual injuries occurred.  Our list is believed to be as accurate as possible, even including injuries that have vague listings but through reports and video analysis should be classified as concussions.

After a week with no reports of concussions this week we have found and added two more players to the list;

  • Steven Kampfer – Boston
  • Theo Peckham – Edmonton

This brings the total concussions to 72 a number near where the NHL stated the league average was; until last year when there were a reported 92.  We will see how the last month-plus will go for the league.

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