Adults Now Looking Back and Wondering

Beverly Smith of The Globe and Mail ran an article about adults looking back and not ready going forward; the past head injuries/concussions bring a lot of doubt in their mind.

Mr. Greenaway believes he suffered five or six concussions from the time he was 10, playing football in Toronto until he was 30, when he played a University of Toronto alumni football game and landed in hospital, getting a CT scan and waking up to his nephew and niece giggling at him.

But with all the revelations that have surfaced recently about long-term, profound neurological degeneration among hockey and football players, Mr. Greenaway doesn’t think it’s funny any more. He hears stories about how to help vulnerable young athletes and National Hockey League players, but knows there are hundreds of people like him who suffered multiple concussions years ago. What do they do to prevent symptoms like those of Bob Probert, Reggie Fleming and Marty McSorley?

Smith also spoke to Dr. Charles Tator and Dr. Shannon Bauman about what they have seen and been involved in recently.  The majority of which is an increase of awareness and questions regarding futures of their brains.  There will be many more beyond Mr. Greenway that will reflect on what was and begin to wonder what will be.

Our hope is that technology and information will progress as fast as it has been recently and a lot of those questions can be answered.

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