Local Basketball Player Sitting Out

Senior point guard Travis Rosenkranz of Illinois Wesleyan University and formerly of Macon (Meridian) High School will have to miss at least his team’s first game in the Division III tournament.

“I’m still having concussion symptoms, headaches and some dizzy spells every now and then,” Rosenkranz said Wednesday. “I have not retaken my concussion test yet to clear me to do physical activity let alone play.”

Rosenkranz was driving to the basket in the second half of a game at Wheaton on Feb. 12 as he lost his balance. The knee of a Wheaton defender crossing the lane collided with Rosenkranz’s head. Rosenkranz was taken from King Arena on a stretcher to a nearby hospital.

“I don’t remember anything prior to the accident,” he said. “The first thing I remember is coming into the hospital from the ambulance.”

This is a very good example of a student placing his studies in front of his sport and how the medical team has handled this situation.  Rosenkranz has been one of the leaders of the Titans this year and since he began his campaign at IWU.  Rosenkranz has put a positive spin on things as he has accepted a “pseudo” coaching role for the time being;

“I’ve kind of embraced that,” he said. “I want to be there for my team for moral support and hopefully provide some insight that will help the team win.”

I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet and discuss many things with Rosenkranz, and he has a very good head on his shoulders and is destined for great things.

SOURCE Pantagraph

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