National Athletic Training Month

Welcome to National Athletic Training Month.  Each year during the month of March, our profession takes the time to reinforce our stance and spread the message to promote the athletic training profession.  Many of you here have probably heard of an athletic trainer, and hopefully you know what an athletic trainer can do.  For those who don’t know, hopefully you can learn something over the next month and recognize the importance of the athletic trainer to athletes and to active workers.  The Concussion Blog originated as an idea of Dustin Fink, an athletic trainer in Central Illinois.  The blog has spread to include a few more authors including myself, an athletic trainer in Southern Illinois.  Over the course of the next month, we intend to highlight athletic training in addition to continuing to educate on concussions.

The National Athletic Trainers’ Association selects a theme each year.  For 2011, the theme of National Athletic Training Month is “Not All Athletes Wear Jerseys.”  The most common location that one will find an athletic trainer is working for a sports team whether at the high school, college, or professional level.  This is referred to as the “traditional” setting, but athletic trainers have gone on to thrive in other settings as well.  Athletic trainers have found success in the public safety sector and military setting as well as in other medical offices.  The education and training we receive has led to being able to branch out into these other fields.

Tune in throughout the month as we highlight the athletic training profession.

Every athlete deserves an athletic trainer.

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