“Ear Infection” for Mike Miller

It is being reported that Mike Miller of the Miami Heat is out for a third straight game, over a week’s time, with an “ear infection”.

Miller is still dealing with the effects of an ear infection and was not cleared to travel with the Heat on Wednesday afternoon’s flight to Chicago. He has missed Miami’s last two games, including Tuesday’s home victory against the Sacramento Kings. Miller also missed last Wednesday’s game at Toronto after he was tested for concussion symptoms last week.

This is a very curious designation of injury for Miller, in lieu of what we and other have reported that happened last week.

Miami Heat guard Mike Miller was taken to an Indianapolis hospital for tests and observation Tuesday night after suffering a blow to the head for the third consecutive game.  Miller will not travel with the Heat to Toronto and will not play against the Raptors Wednesday night.

Perhaps he was infected when he was in Indy?  Or, wait…  While in the hospital, Miller contracted the ear infection.  If you cannot detect the sarcasm, I am sorry, but Miller and the Heat are raising some eyebrows.  Now it is completely possible that Miller has actual observable conditions of an ear infection (fluid in the tympanic membrane) but the fact that most ear infections are bacterial in nature, why has antibiotics not cleared it up?   I also know from personal experience that the common antibiotics used for treatment of ear infections work rather rapidly (2-3 days), and clear up symptoms associated with the infection.  Although ear infections are not impossible with adults it is extremely RARE, to say the least.

Symptoms of an ear infection include;

  • Fever
  • Earache
  • Ear pain
  • Hearing loss
  • Feeling of blockage in the ear
  • Dizziness

As you can see, other than the fever and earache, those can be controlled by over-the-counter medicine, the symptoms are identical to concussions.

It would be wrong of me to flat-out say that Miller is lying, because I don’t have access to his medical records, but what I can say is that this is very curious.  It really does not make much logical sense to me, especially the surrounding circumstances with the diagnosis (see getting hit in the head three straight games).

We jump on the ‘Cold War Injury Listings’ of the NHL, but I would not have fathomed the NBA would fall into this as well, and for the sake of concussion awareness and for Miller himself, I hope his “Otitis Media” clears up fast.

3 thoughts on ““Ear Infection” for Mike Miller

  1. Mark February 24, 2011 / 21:01

    A labyrinthin concussion happens when the jawbone is driven into the ear canal, sometimes resulting in a torn eardrum. These jaw related concussions, common in boxers and soldiers, are not being recognized by the neuro community.
    The only model they are looking at is the old jello in the skull. When the cartilage is slipped off the end of the mandible it is free to hammer away at the temporal bone, which is paper thin in the ear canal. Just millimeters away is the medial temporal lobe, exacty where Cantu states CTE manifests. This must become part of the dialogue in order to reduce this type of trauma.

  2. Buffalo Chiropractor April 7, 2011 / 13:51

    Great post. I find that many children fight chronic ear aches and ear infections due to an imbalance in their nerve system. I have helped many kids recover very efficiently with chiropractic care. I find that the upper cervical region has an intimate relation with the inner workings of the ear. Parents can’t believe it when their child recovers so fast. If you are suffering from ear aches or ear infections you should consider a chiropractic consultation locally.

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  3. dannieaddison November 5, 2012 / 09:05

    I saw that overuse of antibiotics can harm to your health in serious condition. It may be bad for body’s good bacteria. If you really need to have antibiotics for your illness or any infections better you take proper advice from medical experts and get prescribed medicines. Tips on better protection from ear infection good site to bookmark – genericbactrim.com.

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