Illinois State Wrestling Take 2

After we chronicled the events in the Class A 160 pound weight class and the curious surroundings we have found an example in the same tournament on the same days with a DRASTICALLY different outcome.

Not unlike Andy Hoselton of Prairie Central who had an unblemished record going in, Nick Fontanetta of Crystal Lake South was hoping for a State Championship, his weight class is 112 pounds.  After advancing to Saturday’s semi finals with as much ease as possible this happened;

But disaster struck the Gators’ junior in his Saturday morning match against Joliet Central Trayvon Zabala.

The Steelmen sophomore caught Fontanetta in a vulnerable position, and his violent takedown sent the Gators’ standout to a local hospital.

Granted Fontanetta did go to a hospital and Hoselton did not, based upon reports (all inquiries about the EXACT circumstances of the Hoselton/Cain match have not be returned) both wrestlers sustained a head injury.

“He suffered a concussion,” South coach Ross Ryan said.

Speaking about Fontanetta, but rather than being allowed to return, the junior was not give the OK to return to the mat and thus forfeited the remainder of his matches, falling all the way to 6th place.  We do not know the extent of Fontanetta’s symptoms/signs he was exhibiting, but due to the fact that he went to the hospital was trouble enough.

There was obviously a different path that either wrestler traveled to get to the end results, and there may be many different reasons as to why this may be; Hoselton a senior – Fontanetta a junior, Prairie Central is located about 1 hour to the north – Crystal Lake is about 3 hours to the north of Champaign, concussion awareness of each school may vary, a plethora of reasons this is different.

However, IT SHOULD NOT BE!  Whether at a local duel meet, or at the State Championships the protocol for head injuries should be THE SAME and produce the same results.  It should not matter if it is your family doctor or an emergency room doctor, if a head injury has occurred then the individual should be removed from activity, PERIOD!

I know some will email and comment “You don’t know it was Hoselton’s head, it could have been a neck or shoulder or back, you were not there.”  And they would be right, I was not there, however the reports from my source, coaches, and verifying message board posts all point to a head injury.  The only thing, in my mind that is unclear, is how we see two drastically different results from perpetually the same injury?

I do know one thing, Nick Fontanetta deserves A TON of credit and recognition for doing the exact right thing.  This “pat on the back” also goes for his coach and parents for understanding the seriousness of the injury.  Nick, although you did not achieve your ultimate goal you are a hero to many for what you did.

SOURCE for Fontanetta, via the Crystal Lake Patch

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