NBA Concussion Report #4 & Mike Miller: Not So Smart

Our periodical report for The Association.

These do not occur as often as football and hockey for a couple of reasons, one; fewer players equals less incidence and two; the reporting of injuries is up to beat writers, as I have yet to find an official league injury page.  I will be using the standard and ESPN for compiling this information.

  • Sasha Vuajcic, Lakers – 10/14/10
  • Carlos Delfino, Bucks – 11/29/10
  • Taj Gibson, Bulls – 12/20/10
  • Corey Maggette – 12/20/10
  • Luc Richard Mbah a Moute – 1/1/11
  • Mike Miller – 2/11/11

That is all we have for now, if you get information about an NBA concussion, send it our way via email at


Yesterday prior to the Miami Heat playing in Indianapolis Heat guard Mike Miller made note of how he has continued to play through a diagnosed concussion and even took a second blow to the head the following game to ESPN;

Miller suffered a concussion last Friday night in Detroit and then took another shot Sunday when Kevin Garnett crumpled him to the floor on a blindside pick.

“It’s not why I missed,” Miller said after the Heat’s practice Monday at Conseco Fieldhouse. “I’m a little woozy from it still but it is not why I missed.”

We fully understand that the ‘bravado’ of some will never allow them to fully understand the ramification of this head injury, but if karma is what you believe in, then…

Miami Heat guard Mike Miller was taken to an Indianapolis hospital for tests and observation Tuesday night after suffering a blow to the head for the third consecutive game.  Miller will not travel with the Heat to Toronto and will not play against the Raptors Wednesday night.

He left the arena in a wheelchair nursing a knot above his eye after taking an elbow from Jeff Foster in the third quarter of the Heat’s 110-103 victory over the Indiana Pacers. A Heat staff member went to the hospital with him. The team called the injury a “contusion” over his right eye.

It is no longer a ‘badge of courage’ to play though such injuries, the times and information has changed, Mike Miller should be thinking not only about the youth that are taking his lead, but HIMSELF!

“It is the way I play, I’m going to have [concussions] from time to time, you play through them,” Miller said on Monday. “If I forget my name, I’ll be worried, right now I’m fine.”

Lets hope that is not all he forgets….

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