Specific Academic Issues From Concussion

This is the next level of adolescent concussions, the classroom.  Thankfully at the school I work at we have created a policy to keep kids out of school and amend their schedules as needed, but others refuse to believe it trickles over into academia.

Even the CDC does not have specific recommendations about school, rather they defer that to the treating physician, which is perplexing because A LOT of MD’s/DO’s are behind the times to begin with.  Those medical professionals are looking to the CDC for what to do, it would be nice if the CDC and others presented guidelines.

It would be as simple as saying; “rest includes avoiding any physical or cognitive stress, for example; school, texting, computers, and video games.”

3 thoughts on “Specific Academic Issues From Concussion

  1. Paul LaDuke, ATC February 16, 2011 / 09:32

    How did you go about getting your school to change academic policy due to concussion?

    Administration thinks I am overstepping my role when I suggest that athletes stay out of the classroom due to a concussion. Basically the message was, you stay on the practice field and training room, we will take care of the classroom. And you are not a doctor, you have no say in the academic adjustments to the athlete.

    • Dustin Fink February 16, 2011 / 13:40

      I have been blessed with a VERY progressive administration in regards to athletic training. Perhaps the fact the the superintendent/principal and athletic director were former coaches that had worked very closely with some very good athletic trainers. Perhaps they tend to see the whole picture. Perhaps they have been in situations where they realize their expertise does not extend to the human body and injuries. Perhaps, those other ‘high ranking’ doctors they call upon agree or just as progressive as they are.

      It has been a dream situation, and a shining example for other schools to follow. By no means am I saying that what we have come up with is the ‘best’ or ‘right’, but we at least have done something about it. Now we are trying to get it in front of other schools, and administrators. I have a inkling that when its time to take action A LOT of people will be calling on us…

  2. Monica Steinborn, ATC February 16, 2011 / 09:56

    I’ve been wanting to post a comment for a while but could never really find the right entry. I think this one may fit the best. At the end of the video or both videos to be exact, each athlete expressed concern about going back to football. I think what tends to be forgotten and makes athletic trainer’s jobs even harder is what happens on the weekends. We see what happens on the practice field or during a game but we aren’t with these athletes on the weekends as they are out with their friends. Horseplay with buddies over the weekend may have caused a concussion that we are never told about. Or, schools that don’t have a full time athletic trainer, accidents happen in PE that we again aren’t necessarily ever made aware of which compounds the issue. Flag football isn’t supposed to be a contact sport but many times when the teacher isn’t looking…..

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