A Columnist

After reading his latest column I was excited to share what a brilliant profession we are in and compose a well thought out and professional response.  Heck, me waiting 12 hours to let it sink in was a HUGE leap for a guy like me.

I was all geared up about showing the flaw in his example of an ambulance driver and to let the world know that he was egging us all on by BLATANTLY showing disrespect by not using the term athletic trainer, it was going to be great.  I had it written and was thinking of a great title………..  But you know what, he is in the minority, he is uneducated about the profession and even though many tried to educate him he continued with the drivel.

He is paid to give his opinion — right or wrong — however there is no need to link his page and give him and The Morning Call the satisfaction of more views.  I just hope he does not have the unfortunate circumstance of having a loved one treated by a physician who knows nothing about the assessment and treatment of concussions and is returned to play too soon, just blindly trusting them because of the MD behind their name.

That is all.

One thought on “A Columnist

  1. Paul LaDuke, ATC February 10, 2011 / 09:21

    Mr. Carpenter is loving the negative attention and fired up responses he is getting. You could tell by the tone of his 2nd article that his main purpose of the response was to get a response from ATCs. Notice how he gloated in the fact that he got responses from 38 states! He is hoping the more ATCs link to his article online and more respond to him, he doesn’t care what he writes, only that people read it.

    I believe that his journalistic arrogance in this style of writing is why newspapers are dying and bloggers like you are thriving. It seems to me that the days of real journalism for newspapers are dead. Few journalists take the time to do research, present the facts to the reader and allow the reader to come to a conclusion. Blogs like theconcussionblog.com are now filling that void. Writers like Jonathon Gonoude and yourself take the time to research your subject, state the facts as you see them and educate the reader.

    Keep up the good work!

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