Axon Sports

Axon Sports is a recently launched company, formed to help address the growing need for athlete concussion testing in North America.  They are a joint venture company backed by CogState that provides a cutting edge Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool (Axon Sports CCAT).  By using this online tool, Athletes can establish Baselines or “snapshots” of their brains’ speed and accuracy using the CCAT’s four simple tasks.  This is very similar to other NP testing, like Concussion Vital Signs and ImPACT but another option, this test seems to be the shortest in nature, taking an average of 15 minutes.

I asked Axon (like CVS) to provide a quote for their product as it compares to other NP tests;

In comparison to some of the other options available, I think you will find the Axon Sports CCAT is easy to understand, convenient to take, scientifically valid, welcoming, and has live support available seven days a week.  Importantly, its availability online means Athletes are free to test in their own homes, at their Doctor’s office, or in a school setting.  This provides increased flexibility for all those engaged in the care of the Athlete. Parents can purchase individual tests for $7.50; schools, clinics, and sports organizations have access to volume discounts.

It is nice to see a competitive market out there for NP testing.  And as we have seen with a recent article by Matt Chaney, there are some issues related to the validity of serial testing.  Axon has cited some of these articles when addressing it validity and significance as a NP test, Axon Sports CCAT CMO Validity Letter.

Here is a screen shot of the report page, Axon Sports Baseline Test Result Advanced

Each test has its benefits, whether it be cost, user interface, reliability, or general function; not unlike helmets in football, each product has a place.  The more competition means more development and eventually an end result of an “agreed upon” testing procedure and test.

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