National Geographic Article & Photo

Luna Shyr or National Geographic ran a story in the February edition titled “The Big Idea: Brain Trauma”, included in the article is information from the usual headliners; Guskiewicz and McKee.

Football draws as much attention lately for the knocks that players take as it does for their drives down the field. The emergence of research linking head collisions with behavioral and cognitive changes similar to those seen in Alzheimer’s patients puts the pummeling in a new context. Whether ramming opponents head-on or butting helmets, athletes may face the risk of long-term brain injury from hits accumulated over time.

Using the ever popular sport of football as the back drop, we get more information about the problems we have seen.  But included in the article and what you can see online, if you are not a subscriber is an image of a football player and the hits he sustained over an entire season (yellow indicates force less than 80 G’s, red above 80 G’s and black is a concussion).

A very good article with more visual evidence.  If you have not subscribed go and pick up a copy and read for your self.  If you are a subscriber you can read on beyond what is at the link.  Guskiewicz has this quote to end the “preview”

Guskiewicz envisions databases that track all the hits athletes take throughout their playing years to help explain neurologic changes later in life. But, he says, “it’ll probably be my grandchildren who are analyzing that data.”

Thank you to @ganglion11 (Jonathan Lifshitz, PhD) for directing us to NG….

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