Savard Perspective

Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe wrote today about some perspective in the Marc Savard issue.

How about never? How about retirement as an option? Anybody thinking in those terms?

Those questions are huge and important questions to be asked of Savard.  Hockey is a ruthless sport at times and the head is exposed to a lot of danger.  At the very least, perhaps Savard should do what Crosby was thinking of doing, sitting out until the NHL decides to get up to speed with the IIHF, and ban hits to the head, period.  The unlucky thing for Savard was that the hit that caused his most recent concussion was clean and within the rules.  This is something Taylor Twellman knows a lot about.

“It’s the hardest thing,’’ says Twellman. “It’s really a sickness. I’ve heard people say, ‘Aw, it’s only a concussion. Why is he out there crying?’ He’s crying because of fear. He’s scared out of his mind. He felt bad for so long and the symptoms are back.

“When it comes to feeling better or playing, you are behind the 8-ball. Finally, I said, ‘Screw playing, I just want to feel better.’

“We all hope Savard heals quickly. The longer the symptoms go on, I would tell him, ‘Be smart about it. It definitely impacts your life after sports.’

“We see those NFL players. You’ve got to be smart. You can’t replace the brain.’’

Savard is 33 years old. He has three small children. He stands to make $28 million over seven years (a pact signed in December 2009), and he’s going to get that even if he can’t ever play again. Why take a chance on another concussion?

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