Three Aaron Rodgers Entries

Peter King ran a quick blurb about how Aaron Rodgers escaped his third concussion with a NEW helmet.  He did switch from an outdated Riddell VSR4 to a Schutt AirXP, one of the newest models out there.

Interesting little-known factoid I got from my postgame conversation with Aaron Rodgers: After being twice-concussed this season, he changed helmets to one of the new, safer, high-tech models the league has been urging players to use.



In a related article, Shawn Doherty of the Capital Times in Madison, Wisconsin wrote about the “silence” of the possible head injury to Rodgers on Sunday.

Fink says he would have been “shocked” if Packers staff had hauled Rogers off the field after that smack. And given how tough Rodgers is, he probably was determined to scramble back up to his feet no matter what it took. “If he gets up quickly, even if he does have some symptoms, they can quietly test him for a concussion later,” Fink says. “But they almost always will tell you everything is fine. There’s a lot riding on this game.”

Yup I am a conspiracy theorist at heart.  What people didn’t see is that Pepper Burruss was on his way to the aid of Rodgers at the time of the hit and was waved off by Rodgers.  I am convinced that what they did was right, and they are very good at what they do.



Finally had a recap of their podcast and discussion of the Ben McGrath story, NHL concussions, and Aaron Rodgers.

Crosby played one game after getting knocked silly in the Winter Classic; his injury was then termed a “mild concussion,” and the team announced that he would miss about a week of action. “This is exactly what the NHL did NOT need,” Concussion Blog’s Dustin Fink wrote on Jan. 7, “a superstar pushing through and hiding his injury.” In a post on Monday, Fink extended his point, arguing that Crosby “handled this concussion like most ‘bravado’ men do, as if it was nothing. It is time for Crosby to take some responsibility for his actions.”

I am really happy about the awareness of the issues, and honored that this website is making a difference.


2 thoughts on “Three Aaron Rodgers Entries

  1. John Gracki January 25, 2011 / 23:58

    Hope to increase concussion awareness of players at my university

  2. Mark Picot January 26, 2011 / 11:58

    Rogers chin obviously took the brunt of the Peppers hit, Favre was once lionized in an artilce for playing through a concussion and Troy Aikman admits not remembering an entire superbowl he won.
    Raising awareness to the best technology known to science, helmets, pads, oral appliances are the only thing that will change. Players will always play, no matter the consequence.

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